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Recruiting Those Who Want to Change the World

We’re a start-up setting out on a mission to revolutionize recruiting through the power of artificial intelligence. We believe in the power of jobs. Jobs have the power to change lives and to change companies. We take the minutiae out of the recruiting process to create better candidate and recruiter experiences.

Our early results have been tremendous, exciting, and game-changing. The response to what we’re doing is overwhelming. We are at the precipice, knowing we have an amazing product at the right time, in a huge industry. We know we’re onto something big, and we’re building a team of stars to create the next big thing in recruiting.

Paradox Guiding Values

Create the future

We are insatiable about not settling for the “good enough” of today. We revel in ambiguity and embrace change with open arms, understanding that our strength is in our optimism. We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Play for the front of the jersey, not the back

We know great culture is amazing people doing great work. We think and dream bigger than ourselves. Together, we roll up our sleeves because our mission serves a greater purpose for our company, our communities, and organizations around the world.

Measure client success in hugs

We do it for the love of talent, not for the bottom-line. We are an extension of our client’s team; their success is our success, their wins are our wins, their talent is our passion. We don’t ask what we can sell you, we ask how we can help you.

Deliver magical moments

We go the extra mile to create exceptional talent experiences. Our obsession is for our clients and their talent to feel magic through assistive intelligence. We believe the highest form of art is in simplicity.

Be better tomorrow than we are today

We have a growth mindset. Our belief in progress before perfection drives our bias-for-action. We take responsibility for our successes and failures. Our curiosity, nimbleness, and perseverance drive us to become better professionals and better people.

Have a high give-a-damn

We find joy in our work because we love what we do. We are humbled by the opportunity to serve. We hold ourselves and each other accountable. Character matters. We care deeply, lead with trust, listen to understand, act thoughtfully, and believe in the golden rule.

Building at Paradox

Can we change the world one company and one job seeker at a time? We think so.

We’re ready to transform and disrupt the recruiting world. We make it better and easier for companies and job seekers to connect. We’re swinging for the fences, and we’re hiring people who want that type of challenge and opportunity.

We need people who don't wait for the future — they help us create it.

We need performers who want to sacrifice and build a company together. We’re looking for those with a track record of success with their best days still ahead of them. Are you in for the ride of your life?

If you want a job description with more specifics than what we’re sharing - you’re not right for a start-up. You don’t get everything explained and handed to you - the operating manual comes later. If you thrive on figuring it out, building, and winning - we might be the right place for you and your career.

If you’re afraid of failure or success, don't raise your hand.

Our journey is not for the faint of heart. This role is for people who are passionate about their work, results, professionalism, shared commitment, and building something of enduring value.

We ask for big things - and we can offer big things to those who want more than a job. Show us you have what it takes to thrive and succeed in a start-up. Raise your hand with confidence and commitment.

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We are hiring top performers, doers, and leaders in the following areas and locations. Talk to Olivia to find out about our open positions at locations around the world.

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What talent can you bring to Paradox?

Product Management & Design

Driven to build modern software products? We’re growing all parts of our Product team, including product management, product designers, UI/UX designers. Mobile, modern, B2B and consumer web and mobile app experience is all needed. Are you obsessed with innovation and disruptive tech? You’ll join a team that loves fast iteration, prototyping, and has an obsession for beautiful user experience.


We’re looking for client-obsessed sales leaders, individual contributors, channel sales, solution architects and more. As the face of Paradox to companies across the world, your number one passion is sharing our story and growing the business through new client acquisition. You care deeply about helping clients solve real problems - At Paradox, we don’t ask what we can sell you, we ask how we can help you.


Are you a modern marketing professional who geeks out about effective B2B marketing, digital content, events, and social media? We’re looking for marketing talent that can balance traditional marketing strategy with modern web and software techniques. We measure marketing success not by followers, but by real results. We’re looking for team members to help us share our brand and story with the right audience, at the right time, to drive business and grow our organization.

Client Success

You love customers (we call them clients). You’ll need an insatiable desire to deliver amazing service and to give our clients the training and tools to be successful. The work varies every day, projects range from implementations and continuous client education, to partnering with our Product team to develop innovative solutions. Our team doesn’t just love our clients, we measure success in hugs :)


Our dream is to be the most talent-obsessed company in the world. It’s the foundation for everything we do. We are growing and need amazing people to recruit and develop our team. Do you want to join the company that’s changing the face of your profession? We are expanding all of our People functions - recruiting, training, development, etc. So if you can roll up your sleeves and truly make an impact in an organization, let’s start building together.

Business Operations

We need the scorekeepers and business analysts to help us grow. We’re looking for professionals with strong acumen for identifying insights and opportunities to help us scale in big ways. Show us how you connect your expertise to real-world customer and business results. Our team is all about metrics that matter. If you have experience developing measures and frameworks to drive business success, we want to hear from you.

Software Engineering

Are you a builder? Do you love building amazing, innovative tech solutions? We’re excited to speak with high achievers in all areas of engineering and software, including: software engineer, front-end, back-end, ops, senior, junior, lead, manager, director, or C-level. Your passion, skills, and ability to innovate world-class software is the reason we want to talk to you.

Data Science & AI

You love being on the cutting edge of data and artificial intelligence. More than just talking in theories, you love building and designing elegant solutions to real world problems. If you’ve studied and have practical experience working with AI, NLP, machine learning, chatbot, deep learning, virtual agent, big data, or other technical experience you think might be valuable to us - raise your hand! Our team is passionate about creating the next generation of AI solutions and we’re looking for data scientists and AI experts who are too.

Other Areas

Can you further our mission in ways we haven’t imagined? If you have specialized experience that our startup needs, don’t be shy. Share your story and show us how you’ll help us create the future.

College Students & Grads 🎓

Kick start your career at Paradox. Learn about our internship programs and full-time opportunities.

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Where We’re Hiring

We're headquartered in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona and we're busy opening additional offices around the world. Check out career opportunities to find a location and role that's right for you.

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